Contents of a business plan

For many entrepreneurs, the business plan is just a formal external document designed with a specific objective in mind-to attract the investors/lenders. But, as mentioned above it severs various purposes and can be used as a very useful internal tool. Thus, a business plan is not only about the entrepreneur and investors, it plainly sets…Continue Reading “13 Very Important Contents You Must Include In A Business Plan!”

Business ideas

Most of the successful businesses in the world are started with a business idea that is restlessly promoted by a dogged entrepreneur. Thus, business idea or idea generation is an indispensable ability that every entrepreneur must possess success or failure of any new business hinges on the worth of ideas. Despite the fact that business…Continue Reading “10 Amazing Sources Will Help You Generating Business Idea”


DEFINITION OF CROWDFUNDING Recommended: Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur Recommended: Steps To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Recommended: Importance Of Entrepreneurship Recommended: How Mind Makes You Successful   HERE ARE DRAWBACKS OF CROWDFUNDING WHICH MIGHT MAKE YOU DISAPPOINT¬†IN SOME MANNER. Crowdfunding can involve revealing your products, business model, and strategy Sharing your business ideas or any…Continue Reading “Why You Should Not Go After Crowdfunding!”